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Peaceful amounts to whole sealing to hammer into shape " defloration secret book " foreign nationality judgment or will execute the law Yesterday, peaceful amounted to a team to plan a training course afternoon only, still be whole sealing, but the drilling closing the door that is real swords and spears-the real thing this however " defloration secret book " , adjust besides brunt battle array outside, placement tactics also is the key of drilling. To this special match, the club was not killed surely to team make known to lower levels your, do not cross Ji Maliang this the determination of get victory is very sturdy however, sports season Brazilian teachs on first match that peaceful amounts to, with 2: Henan of conquer of 0 guests field builds line of business, this sports season he hopes to lead Shanghai of group objective battle first times likewise explain flower, the peaceful that can be oneself with a perfect victory amounts to tribute of the 20th battle. Different in former years, the Shanghai beach warm meaning this year March happies and harmonious, give a person [url=http://www.nikeshoxsale99.com/]cheapest nike shox[/url] a kind of drowsy sense, nevertheless peaceful amounts to the century park field that the team prepares for war, give a person the sense of urgency of speed per hour of a kind of not a second is to be lost, life and death however. Tomorrow, peaceful is amounted to with explain beautiful decisive battle start shooting, knowing is coincidence or intended arrangement, league matches is first-run the fellow sufferers of two those who have the same illness sympathize with each other with respect to come into unavoidable confrontation, no matter to who, this is a race that loses not to rise. The leg that wins a ball to will let peaceful amount to future is more successful, and be defeated by a ball to mean team to be at the beginning of sports season probably be immersed in the lair that maintain level namely. Current, team member people the biggest worry or - large hole of 6 minutes, league matches of above sports season is exemple, be in advocate after A Erbin takes field head battle 3 minutes completely, subsequently 4 rounds of matches are only take on body of Jiangsu Shun day, till Shanghai of conquer of field of the 6th round of guest explain after the flower, team just obtains the 7th integral. Apparent, to new sports season - the peaceful that sets out 6 minutes amounts to a team for, as good as of such the rhythm that grab cent at " commit suicide " . Of course, to the difficult sex of new sports season, peaceful amounts to a club to having very sober knowledge, hope at the same time team can as soon as possible fill this large hole, "Requirement team 3 rounds two fill negative cent on not actual, but everybody should maintain a kind of sense of urgency really. Hopeful will tell, according to team actual strength, the 3 integral after arriving 4 rounds can " becomes a full member " , but also cannot eliminate accident circumstance to happen. So, must expect difficulty sufficient, make preparation sufficient. Make preparation sufficient.. Self-sufficient assist the day that announces condemnatory result rises, peaceful is amounted to with explain spend two teams to suffer with respect to equipment " maintain level " audio torment, this will keep the decisive battle of class brother tomorrow eventually start shooting, for a short while, nervous, excited, expect, perturbed, anxious, even some of fearing mixed feeling invites team member people also some " bear extremely " , "This kind of feeling that await is too afflictive, the match is hit rapidly, it is mule it is the horse is pulled come out stroll! It is mule it is the horse is pulled come out stroll!! Be worth what carry is, originally according to ballot, xu Fuxin of Beijing book judgment will hold the position of Benchangbi to surpass advocate judgment, but considering match characteristic, final China is sufficient assist arrangement executes the law by foreign nationality judgment this field match, stem from confidential did not announce person selected up to now. The message says, this sports season always is involved peaceful is amounted to and explain spend two - the match of the team that sets out 6 minutes, china is sufficient assist judgment of metropolis arrangement foreign nationality will execute the law. Ceng Zhaoxiang of new newspaper reporter related news

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