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Look forward to of the shoe after the Spring Festival passes uses labor shortage " billows sound as before " the industry is about to rise firewood is hired <Chinese>shoe net - home is dynamic] it is a year of Spring Festival. Already passed the festival of lanterns now, a lot of people set foot on road of do poorly done work over again, began working career again. As the snake year the cracker sound of the Spring Festival drops off gradually, a lot of employee also begin in succession do poorly done work over again. However the transition of Chinese economy structure, the situation that cost of the shortage that use worker worker, labor rises is grim with each passing day, this makes the becomes public opinion time and again in recent years with labor shortage phenomenon heat topic of manufacturing industry of foreland of the eastpart part. Will look at present, this year this one phenomenon billows sound as before, grow in intensity even, forcing Chinese tradition works quickly concentrated model the road that the industry is on transition. After the Spring Festival passes, the barren that use worker worker becomes the long-standing of the enterprise that use worker worker again. Not only such, 2013 the environment of economic get warm again after a cold spell falls, hired company was increased hire demand, make the problem of the waste that use worker worker this year more more severe than last year. As we have learned, the barren using worker worker this year appears in the eastpart part not only coastal city, spread to the service to output and other places of big province Anhui, Henan even. Nearly 80% enterprises have go up firewood plan After the Spring Festival passes, each work greatly concentrated enterprise begins to intensify hiring, but the worker that often enrols cannot satisfy the breach that use worker worker. Introduce according to controller of place of intermediary of a profession, hiring an unit is to be eager to using worker worker, demand is big is the general labour of manufacturing industry. After the Spring Festival up to now, already 30 units register action person, make an appointment with 20 kinds of post, demand makes an appointment with 10000 people, and the to apply for a job that comes round to register person control for 3000 people, breach makes an appointment with 7000 people. Xue Shengwen analyses to the reporter: Chinese economy was entered 2013 slow pick up passageway, the scale that predicts to increase labour force amount and labor demand newly has certain promotion on the foundation 2012, with labor shortage aggravate. Because hire breach too big, most company recruits a worker through raising wage. According to home big cereal of website of invite applications for a job of resource of manpower of the biggest grass-roots unit works the net releases " the <a href="http://cheapjordans.snack.ws/">cheap jordans</a> look up before basic level used labor market 2013 findings report " show, face labor shortage is used after year, be expressed of 79% by investigation enterprise, have raises plan. The investigation of Shenzhen talent big market shows, the joins meeting unit to offer position firewood of 71% proposes a toast relatively the corresponding period increased somewhat last year. The work service center of Fosan, suitable heart investigates data to show, the minimum wage that the enterprise gives out is 1500 yuan / lunar left and right sides, relatively the pay treatment that the enterprise gave last year grew 20% generally to control. From the point of data of each district raises, the wages that is foreland of the eastpart part not only is rising, before ground of labour force output also begins to use the kind that raises wage to hold back labour force east go. The pay pay that gives out like the enterprise of spot invite applications for a job of market of Luoyang city qualified personnel mostly 1200 yuan from last year / the month raises 1500 yuan / lunar above. Of pay rise, the person that let partial to apply for a job abandoned going out working thought, and the choice stays in the home to make money. The barren that use worker worker makes work the long-term trend of concentrated industry already was become finality, aged wait for a problem to make add labour force newly to cannot offset labor demand, and social resource allocation is lopsided also be labour force by labor concentrated the eastpart part is coastal and migratory the main factor that reachs center-west region. Xue Shengwen of advisory and senior researcher is cast to so in. Say about professional personage, the barren using worker worker that appears after the section, not be the real crop failure that use worker worker actually. The person that salary just attracts to apply for a job the first element, but not be the most crucial factor absolutely. Now nowadays, last-minute, the worker works easy heart, have happy feeling on the whole, this ability is to matter to it is difficult to hire crucial. Work according to big cereal the findings on reticle shows, have super- most probably the person that basic level works states a year of new consideration turns row. Among them, the person that young the Cenozoic Era works turns the new move that the biggest reason of travel is pursuit job, want to try a variety of different type of work, this one scale was occupied 40% . To this phenomenon, xue Shengwen analyses to the reporter: The labour force of new generation is concentrated to drab reduplicative model working content does not catch a cold, labor is concentrated model enterprise should as soon as possible is sought answer measure. The spin company that having the huge demand that use worker worker should face the problem with be hired difficult likewise, nevertheless, experience hind is hired in what summed up calendar year, each big spin enterprise had an effective hire plan. Old stuff took new employee to had become the tradition that the company hires, the personage introduces to the reporter related group of elegant dagger Er: Company besides securing the salary wage that increases 8%-10% every year, still adopt human nature to turn management to employee. If spend the New Year to buy ticket or rent a car,remand, still the kind that carries first-class staff appraise through comparison offers affirmation to the job of employee, respect employee of average a gleam of to wait a moment, make the employee of the company stabler. Although have gap also won't serious, do not affect go into operation. Afore-mentioned personages disclose to the reporter, the company's current employee is more 80 hind and 90 hind, their requirement is to go up not just salary, present employee seeks a company is treatment of company of comprehensive and integrated consideration, whether to if environment of pay pay, work is mixed,offer a dormitory to wait. To this, xue Shengwen is analysed to the reporter, cause the shortage that use worker worker advocate because be problem of sex of structure of labor supply and demand,highlight gradually, the peasant worker worker that emerges to the city is the important contribution power that high speed town turns, be cast in back by express of this high speed however, the problem such as registered permanent residence, social security, housing, compensation, enter a school did not get be settlemented effectively. Accordingly, have professional personage appeal, hire an enterprise to must be below the premise that makes sure worker pay pay is not poor, do good food, accommodation, culture recreation, social security, off wait for each pay job, ability stabilizes employee. (Chinese shoe net - the most authoritative center of the most professional information of shoe line of business)

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